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Waste HDPE PP Recycling Line

Model: PTC Series
Raw materials:
HDPE/PP bottles and containers
HDPE/PP barrels and boxes
HDPE/PP chairs desks pipes
Usage: Crushing washing drying


 1.HDPE/PP RECYCLING LINE can be used to obtain clean crushing dry plastic hard pieces from dirty plastics.

  1. this crushing cleaning and recycling equipment can work automatically, it takes only 3 to 4 people to operate easily. It has the characteristics of high capacity, low energy consumption, effective design and so on.
  2. in order to improve the output and quality of the final product, we can adjust the process according to the requirements of different materials.

4.HDPE/PP RECYCLING LINE is made of stainless steel SUS304 to ensure reliable performance. main electrical from international brands, such as Siemens, Schneider, ABB、 Omron, etc.


belt conveyor → crusher → high-speed friction machine → rinsing machine → screw feeder → dehydrator → screw feeder

. Detailed description for HDPE/PP RECYCLING LINE.

Working principle: waste plastic crushing cleaning and recycling machine consists of: conveyor, crusher, high speed friction washing, rinsing machine, low speed friction scrubbing, dehydrator, control cabinet and other components. First waste plastic (classification), crushing (tearing), then friction cleaning, rinsing, and finally drying.


Electricity consumption

300 kg/h

98 kW

500 kg/h

130 kW

1000 kg/h



Heavy duty crusher:

Advantages: 20-40% additional output, 15% additional power saving

Blades are externally adjustable, material DC53 with cryogenic treatment, longer service life.

Special blade arrangement for PP woven bags.

Anti-wear machine housing, replaceable wear plates

Installed between wall and spindle, prevents the friction of the spindle after a long period of operation, which leads to the increase of sealing clearance and leakage.

Heavy duty bearings, oversized external bearing housings

More convenient housing opening way

Hydraulic control / Electrical screw control

User friendly design to change screen

Screen changer: Special screen changing system, more efficient and safer to prevent injuries.

Floating washer

  1. Unique reverse discharge method and scientific wheel combination, uniform discharge, no blocking.

  1. Flat-type wheel blade design, plus efficient crushing of crusher, no long material is generated, no material entanglement.
  1. Bottom screw drainage design makes daily maintenance more convenient.

  1. The transmission device is externally equipped with a protective cover. The level of the tank body is raised, no water & material splashes, keep factory clean.

  1. Can design floating washer for sinking & floating materials co-use to meet customer's multi-purpose needs and save investment

Friction washer

  1. Special blade arrangement, uniform discharge, sufficient friction cleaning, high water utilization rate, effective removal of paper labels and other impurities.

  1. Frame structure body, smaller vibration

  1. Adopt high-speed heavy-duty bearings, stainless steel spindles and blades, dynamically balanced

De-watering machine

  1. The integrated design of the dewatering machine and the fan, no need for a separate fan, which saves energy and enables smooth feeding and discharging, no blocking.
  1. Adopt high-speed heavy-duty bearings, stainless steel spindles and blades, dynamically balanced

  1. Automatic screen cleaning device which is driven by air pressure, labor saving.

  1. Adopt container for collecting waste water & residue at the bottom.

Cooperation cases:

  1. pre-sale: we give customers plastic recycling machinery detailed technical personnel quote, sign sales contracts, etc
  2. on sale: we provide plastic washing machine (if necessary with granulator as a recycling system) layout, installation, technical support. Run PP woven bag washing machine before delivery.

After customer acceptance, we quickly arrange the related machine delivery, provide detailed packing list and related documents for customer clearance.

  1. after-sales: we arrange our experienced engineers to install machinery and train workers for customers customer factory.
  2. we have a 24-hour team to solve after-sales problems
  3. we have free spare parts when we deliver the machine.

We offer long-term spare parts to every customer at cost

  1. we always update new technology to every customer

Ⅵ. Frequently Asked Questions about our Plastic Recycle Machine

 How do 1. get the product response quickly?

you can send mail for our product details, we can also in quick talk tool like wechat, WhatsApp,Viber,LinkedIn,Facebook etc.

  1. how soon can I get the quotation?

 for most items, once we know the necessary information for recycling raw materials, we can offer you a quotation within 24 hours.

  1. can i have a custom design?

 We design and build each project according to the needs of customers.

The customization is on request (e.g .480 United States V60Hz,440 Mexico V/220V60Hz,380 Saudi Arabia V60Hz,415 Nigeria)

Do 4. have minimum order requirements? ?

 due to the daily production capacity is big, the freight is big, our minimum order quantity is 1 set, but we can help to make several color options. suggest you order 20" GP or 40" HC, to reduce unit price and shipping cost.

  1. what is your office hours?

You can contact us at 8 o'clock. M.5 pm to 5 pm +8 pm, Monday to Saturday, except China National Holiday.

  1. do you have a price catalogue? ?

 we are a professional plastic recycling machine manufacturer.we have different models, even the same material type recycling machine, suggest to ask price/quote (e.g.) according to actual need. ability or your rough budget).

  1. how do i know i can trust your order?

We have been in business since 2003 and are committed to bringing 100% satisfaction to our customers. If customers allow access, you can access them.

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A: Our machines are specialized PP, processing PE, PET, PA, PVC, ABS, PS, EVA, etc. Over the past few years, POLYTEC exported high quality machines to customers from different countries, e.g. USA, Mexico, Australia, Croatia, Spain, Oman, KSA、 Cameroon, Swaziland, Ethiopia, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, etc.
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