Materials falling under category A, B and C as defined in Textile Industry Standard of the People’s Republic of China: Regenerated Polyester (PET) Bottle-Grade Chips (FZ/T 51008-2014) that meet the criteria can be imported as ordinary goods – without a license.
It is interesting to note that in the document, reference is made that “any material that does not need to be restored and processed for its original use purpose shall not be managed as solid waste”.

The attached table (internal unofficial document) describes the PET bottle flakes as high grades A, B, C, or D.

According to BIR the General Administration of Customs of the People’s Republic of China will also allow the import of  the primary form of recycled plastic pellets processed from waste plastic as general goods for import without the need for a licence if the batches of imported goods have the same colour, uniform particle size and shape, uniform packaging and meet the relevant specification and requirements for plastic materials or products.

BIR awaits further details in confirmation of these changes and will later provide a translated table.

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