Ton bag woven bag washing recycling line:

Processing object

  1. Industrial abandoned space bags, imported compressed and bundled space bags;
    2. There are mainly a small amount of dressed material residue, a small amount of oil residue, sediment, etc.;
    3. The back band of the space bag contains cotton thread;
    Sewage composition: mainly mud water, sediment sediment, a small amount of plastic foam floating objects, etc
    Treatment requirements: after four-level filtration precipitation can be directly discharged or recycled again

Process introduction

This production line is mainly used to recycle and process waste space bags, ton bags and other waste PP woven bags, before recycling and processing, need to be pre-selected, the miscellaneous materials in the space bag, such as large stones, metal and other residual materials.The selected space bag can be entered directly into the crusher for crushing and refinement processing (our newly developed powerful crusher, It can have a powerful crushing effect), The broken space bag scraps enter the bottom of the washing out all-in-one machine to remove the sediment while shedding the dirty water, The rear section then enters the strong friction washing machine for another strong friction cleaning, To achieve the effect of strong decontamination and deresidue, After friction, the material is rinsed through a rinsing tank, The floating water crushed plastic is removed from the drift tank, Put into the rear section dryer or high-speed dehydration machine, Complete the cleaning requirements before granulation.

Recently, our company has successfully delivered a set of PP polypropylene feed bag cleaning line and assisted customers to complete the installation and commissioning and water and electricity arrangement work, thus achieving the purpose of removing impurities and odor

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